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Walk On Coaches/ASB Workers

Capistrano Unified School District recognizes that extra-curricular activities are an important component of the educational experience for students.  In order to provide students with these opportunities, CUSD understands that hiring interested, talented, and qualified employees only enhances this experience. Candidates recommended by school sites for classified walk-on coaching or co-curricular assignments are required to follow and complete these three easy steps.

  1. Download/completely fill out and print employment paperwork forms.  
  2. Gather additional employment documentation.
  3. Human Resource will contact you to schedule a fingerprint appointment.
  4. Once Human Resource Services receives fingerprint clearance, you will be sent an email to reserve a processing appointment.

Employment Forms

Additional Employment Documentation

  • Copy of a negative Mantoux TB Test taken within the last sixty (60) days.  If you have worked in another school district and the TB test is valid (taken within the last four years), it will be accepted.  
  • Two clear copies of two forms of personal identification (i.e.: Valid Driver License, and Social Security Card or Valid Passport or Certified Birth Certificate).  The applicant must bring original documents to the processing appointment.
  • To avoid any breaks in service, documents must be valid for the entire season (Mantoux TB results, CPR, First Aid, Concussion in Sports and Sudden Cardiac Arrest certificates). It is the responsibility of the employee to maintain certificates and submit copies to the school site and Human Resource Services prior to the expiration date.
  • CPR and First Aid certificates must be approved by the American Red Cross or American Heart Association. The Capistrano Unified School District does not accept CPR/First Aid On-Line Training/Certificates.
  • The employee must maintain a current address, email address and contact number with Human Resource Services at all times.

Once your employment file is complete and we have received fingerprint clearance from the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation, a representative from Human Resource Services will notify you and the school site via email.  No one may begin an assignment prior to receiving approval from Human Resource Services.   Your prompt attention to these requirements will help you get into the assignment as soon as possible.

Resources for Current Coaches

Below are resources to help you become a compliant coach in the District.  Once you have completed the course(s) required, please scan your current certificates to

Resources for Employees and Applicants